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Everyone loves a compliment. We are no exception. If we meet or exceeded your expectations, we would love to hear the details. You can ask that your compliment be kept confidential or that it be made available for use on our website and by way of our other marketing tools.

Hardly anyone likes to hear complaints directed at them. We are an exception on this point.

If there are complaints about our legal services, we genuinely want to hear them. If there are ways that we have not met or exceeded your expectations, we invite you to detail the same on the form provided below.

We promise to respond and react to your complaints to the best of our ability in an attempt to right the wrong. Perfection is a goal rather than a destination. We cannot hope to approach perfection without knowing where it is that we are lacking. Your complaints will be addressed and any resolution implemented will be noted.

We strive to be the best lawyers in Oakville, Ontario. Listening to our clients is the 1st step in achieving that goal.

We sincerely appreciate your opinion and your input.

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I was referred to Rogers & Co through a friend shortly after losing my position. It happened very quickly after I had been recruited and convinced to leave long term, stable employment. I was caught off guard and had no idea what my rights were. I am so glad I didn’t sign the release initially provided to me by my employer and that I took the time to speak with Ethan Rogers. He was compassionate, and very clear in what my options might be, including how I could fund the process without a job. Throughout the following months, both Ethan and his colleagues were accessible and responsive. They were also very good at advising me of the risk and reward associated with any next steps. In the end, I was able to settle without going to court for an amount that was reflective of my career experience and the situation I found myself in. Ethan’s determination to getting me a fair resolution kept me committed to the process, even when I might have given in, just to get the conflict resolved in my life. I would recommend this office to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation – whether it be wrongful dismissal, or a new contract offer, just to be sure the language in the offer is fair to you as an employee. The personal approach, and commitment to me as a client, made this process as positive as it could have been.

– Patti K.